Description: 60 second acoustic loop featuring guitar and ukulele.

Description: Light and friendly piano and orchestra background.

Description: Motivational and positive track based on ukulele, piano and percussion sounds. It is very simple and calm.

Description: In search of love in a magical forest. Musical atmosphere

Description: A melodic romantic piano theme over light airy and breathing drums with additional soft melodic acoustic guitar elements. This inspirational tune is the perfect music for any project or presentation that needs an optimistic and positive instrumental background. Suitable as music for video, advertising and commercials, tv documentaries etc.

Description: Piano and guitar based pop.

Description: A simple chordal arrangement on Rhodes keyboard.

Description: Mellow piano jazz solo piece. Sophisticated sounds, live and real with a hip NY style cocktail lounge vibe. For noir type film, TV, video, late night, radio productions. Relaxed tones for luxurious products adverts autos, high fashion, wine, five star hotels, cruises, romantic destinations

Description: delicate guitar theme and inspiration.

Description: Piano and guitar based pop.

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