Description: A relaxed and easy song with beautiful bell, piano and flute melodies. Perfect music bed for a wide range of applications like slideshows, imagevideos, travelvideos and much much more.

Description: Light and easy song with piano, flute, cello and acoustic guitar. Easy listening feel and friendly mood. Also available as loop version.

Description: A very natural and light track with a warm sound. Acoustic guitar with glockenspiel melodies, marimba, flute and pizzicato strings for a happy mood.

Description: Relaxing melodies but a busy rhythm. The very long delayed guitar track generates a hypnotic feel. Slightly melancholic piano and a reserved bass, light and flowing.

Description: A background track for many applications with a carefree feeling. Acoustic piano accompanied by drums, strings, bass and a pick guitar. Relaxed and smooth.

Description: A harmless track for many applications. Slideshow, travel videos or maybe the weather channel. A familiar sound with eguitar and synthlines reminds me of former days...

Description: A catchy song, a little funny, a little melancholic. Listen and have fun.

Description: Tonight nothing's gonna disturb me. A relaxed evening on a late summer day. A continuous drumgroove with epiano, alto sax, synth and some noise effects in the background which give this track a little magic.

Description: A blue sky, chilling with friends and a lot of summer. That's my first impression of this song. An easy and straight drumtrack combined with a very relaxed acoustic guitar improvisation.