Description: Light, inspiration and relaxing minimal piano background music. Perfect for films, slideshow, presentation, documentary projects, inspirational videos, tv and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background.

Description: The background synthesizer and guitar slide opens the movement of the track, the marimba duplicates the guitar and the orchestral violins create development, in the middle of the song the original drum solo, recessions and ascents form an atmosphere of romance and peace of mind. You can use the track for your YouTube videos, slideshows, commercials, lifestyle and travel.

Description: beautiful instrumental guitar ballad

Description: Upbeat acoustic guitar, spritely played, in a happy mood.

Description: Sensual and romantic lounge background music with old style electric piano, smooth electric guitar, warm retro string and modern beat.

Description: A simple, slow solo piano piece with a hint of reflective melancholy.

Description: Funny & Happy Funky Pop Track

Description: Beautiful solo acoustic guitar, steady but gentle rhythm, wistful recollection on there season of Autumn.

Description: A short background music in a minor key

Description: Beautiful and emotional track played by two Guitars. The song consists of 3 main parts, 2 of which are more melancholic and sentimental, while the 3rd part is hopeful and more positive.

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