Description: A relaxing and inspirational fingerstyle acoustic guitar composition with slide and lead guitar accompaniment.

Description: A gentle and easy-going soundscape of acoustic guitars, bass, and shakers that center around a melody in the key of G-Major. This piece works great for photo albums or background music.

Description: An uplifting and emotional composition. This song features layers of acoustic guitar melodies over bass and drums. The perfect compliment to a photograph slide-show or cinematic climax.

Description: A nostalgic and introspective fingerstyle jazz solo acoustic guitar instrumental. The tone of the instrument comes from being played on a “manouche”-style, gypsy D-hole acoustic guitar.

Description: A reflective and inspiring fingerstyle acoustic guitar composition. This song is an emotional instrumental over a melody of chord changes and features only the main guitar arrangement. It includes a shorter version of the backwards-guitar intro than the original version contains. It’s a song that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay in the end.