Description: This track is generally usable for business media design projects like image videos, presentations, documentaries, for TV, broadcast, lounge rooms, as well as weather forecast background music or just for your own relaxtion.

Description: Seasonable Background Music Sweet track with a lovely Piano melody suitable for seasons like summer holidays, Valentine´s Day, winter moods with a desire you´d like to remember. Useful as well e.g. for an online photo gallery to page thru. Instruments : Piano, E-Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Strings

Description: Appeasing waiting music pattern for business and non business announcements. Suitable as holding pattern, call phone, music , news timer and weather forecast music as well. This track is loopable.

Description: The composition sounds really cool to get a good mood satisfied atmosphere. This song is as well usable for business media design projects like image videos, presentations, in bars, hotels or any other location where you need background music. Or just for your own relaxation.

Description: Smooth Jazz Lounge track with light piano sound, shuffle drum rhythm and dynamic beat. Very nice for elevators, lounges, bars and background easy listening music.

Description: Believe in yourself and believe in anything you can imagine. This positive song motivates everybody to rise their hands, stand up an fight for. Intruments: Piano, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Natural Drums

Description: Beach Cafe is a nice smooth afternoon track to relax and enjoy your Latte Macchiato, watching the scene, the sea or landscape. Finest Lounge and Chillout music. Instruments : Piano, Semi Acoustic and Acoustic Guitar.

Description: This is Smooth Jazz ! Easy to listen, light but powerful melody to remember. After your awakening you decide to step out and take a fresh shower. Outside or inside – but anyhow it´s ShowerTime ! A smooth song with an easy melody to celebrate the day. Instruments : Lead Piano, E-Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Slap Bass, Strings

Description: A day on the beach. The sun is shining, the kids are playing in the sand. You and your family are happy to enjoy the vacation on your island. Relax and chill while watching the sea and you think, that day shall never end.

Description: Endless Days of summer. Having vacation you whish the days should never end. Drinking a glass of wine while sitting on the veranda watching the ocean, it´s just a dream that will end. But with this song, you will remind the hours of freedom.

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