Description: this is a short piano song, it sounds nice and there is not more instruments than piano. this song would fit in a sad or happy video. Made by Haavi & Arild.

Description: This is a piano instrumental. There is a bit of drums in there, but not so much. It was made by Haavi & Arild.

Description: this is a song that starts soft, but then goes a bit harder in the mid/end. there is aucustic guitar, elguitar, drums, piano, el-piano. made by Arild & Haavi. would fit nice in a relaxed video.

Description: This song is quite relaxing to listen too. It would easily fit in a video. There are some sad moments that could be used in a sad video. The song is made by Haavi & Arild.

Description: The Vintage song is nice to listen to and it is relaxing. This song fits perfectly into a funny video!