Description: “Aggressive Dubstep” is a looped track or loop. Seamless. It’s very aggressive and terror sound. Like a gun. Real gun. Minigun! Urban feel. Terror like a bad guy. Tension like a rock. Scary like your fear. Powerful like a boxer. Industrial like it sounds. Heavy like a mountain. Hard like a sportsmen. Evil like a hell. It drive you crazy.

Description: “Simple Dubstep Loop” is a seamless lopped track. Or just loop. It’s just simple dubstep style drop. Good for any of your production like a video or film. Intro of your podcast show or introduction of your radio\TV show. It almost crazy.

Description: “Dubstep Super Star” is a seamless loop track in dubstep or brostep style. Very Datsik style with hip-hop feeling and groovy drum pattern. Nice dubstep bass is cool and punchy sound. Little sound design in beckground of track (like scream “no”). Terror and tense, punchy and groovy, cool and fresh, nice and wobble.