Description: Mixing of trance and dubstep (brostep).

Description: “Aggressive Dubstep” is a looped track or loop. Seamless. It’s very aggressive and terror sound. Like a gun. Real gun. Minigun! Urban feel. Terror like a bad guy. Tension like a rock. Scary like your fear. Powerful like a boxer. Industrial like it sounds. Heavy like a mountain. Hard like a sportsmen. Evil like a hell. It drive you crazy.

Description: Ever wonder what a Minecraft creeper listens to as it is destroying you and your precious structures? Well wonder no more! This creepy dubstep track will sound great with your latest dark or horror project! It builds and builds until it explodes some serious bass on your face!

Description: Huge dubstep track, superb wobble bass with intricate cut ups and effects and great production values. I have added a large number of professional dubstep tracks with alternate edits so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: “Simple Dubstep Loop” is a seamless lopped track. Or just loop. It’s just simple dubstep style drop. Good for any of your production like a video or film. Intro of your podcast show or introduction of your radio\TV show. It almost crazy.

Description: A no FX version of Energy Rush: A big electronic dubstep track with beefy synths and punchy drums.

Description: Simple dubstep track with some trance leads.

Description: Dubstep track for your video, movie...

Description: Heavy hitting dramatic Dubstep tune with heavy strings and synths that transitions into a rowdy bass drop.

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