Description: Interesting intense and melodic dubstep track for your works. Thanks for listening!

Description: Music for motivation, for the background, for training, for the substrate to the film, for the mood

Description: This Medium Tempo Dubstep/Score Track, starts very calm and mysterious with an effected Pad and a reflective piano.Strings, IDM Drums and Percussions are interjected with a following cello-section.Tension rises as something big is about happen. Then it drops ...and maybe your jaw too;)

Description: This music can be used easily for; Grunge Projects Movie Projects Movie Title and Short Movie Projects Underground Projects Fear and Horror Projects Commercial or Advertising Projects Video Game Projects Web Site Projects Short Film Projects Documentary Projects Do you need more? Includes more; High Quality Wav Ultra Brick Wall Compress Piano Melodies Full-Length Music Special Vocals So looks like that's all for now, in this case we beleive you can use this music for so many different project too... We really like to see your 5 star on our projects :) If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: Powerful and driving instrumental Dubstep track with an R 'n' B Dance touch.

Description: Epic cinematic dubstep combined with orchestral elements including strings and horns, and all the essential electronic bass wobbles, risers, beats, and growls. Perfect for commercials, video games, web videos, sports, action, or trailers!

Description: Upbeat dubstep music featuring all the electronic dub steppy beats and sounds like deep basses, lush synth pads, plucked arpeggios, and big rising crescendos. Perfect for commercials, video games, web videos, sports, action or trailers!

Description: Very dramatic and melodic instrumental Dubstep track. Driven by heavy piano chords and orchestral sounds.

Description: My old track. I wrote this track 4 years ago :D

Description: Epic! Dubstep with an orchestral twist. It has a catchy Hook with Strings. Also there a lot of drumworks, glitches and stutters. A massive Halftime Weapon with a wobble baseline for commercials, image videos, Web videos and Movies.