Description: A powerful guitar riff music with a lot of distortion, electric bass and electronic synth. Perfect for action game, sport movie, fight scenes and dynamic video.

Description: An inspirational dubstep track featuring beautiful musical elements, pads, effects and deep bass sounds. Flying and mystical sounds fill the space and move into a modern and electronic sound. It's really good music to illustrate the contemporary designs, video production, film trailers.

Description: Impressive and agressive modern track with loud bass and strong beats.

Description: This electronic track is very rhythmic and groovy. Crisp dubstep tune featuring mid and high pitched glitch patterns, sharp beats, arpeggiated leads, some warm atmospheres. Suitable for various multimedia projects!

Description: Powerful track in the style of dub step. Has the epic mood and energy. The basis of the composition laid modern sound effects. Suitable for film and video.

Description: Extreme Dubstep music for extreme background and sports by StudioKolomna. Angry, glitch sound for powerful videos, movies, trailers and openers! You'll find the best use for it with powerful, extremal video projects, sport video, motivational product advertisements, commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, featurettes, photography background, viral marketing, travel videos, game reviews, tv and radio productions.

Description: Gentle, atmospheric beginning, an interesting development and culmination of dubstep. Suitable as a soundtrack to the film, the background for sports videos, technology presentations, game trailer and other modern projects. Thank you for listening, and rating the purchase!

Description: Indian Bollywood Dubstep Composition mixed Bollywood traditional instruments: sarod and bhangra and voices mixed with dubstep sound designs for action, attraction, sports, article, product or other.

Description: Epic Rapid Dance Dubstep Movements for your project

Description: Melodic dubstep loop with crazy sequence