Description: It is a ballad of our tangled feelings. A contemplative background dnb music. The v1 and v2 is not a dnb based version.

Description: Bounce this one of your mind. Wild dub step trancy dance electronic music stuff, This will get your heart going

Description: Wonderfully menacing, strange, cool, contemporary Dubstep dance track. Deep wobble bass, powerful drum groove, sick trippy synths, various noises big beat open pose on the middle breakdown all appealing to the young & cool for video, tv DJ, parties, radio streams manic film sequences, media works.

Description: suspenseful twangy guitar with dub step base fill this track

Description: The screamers are loose in this intense track that lets loose on the meenies in our world

Description: dubstep, breaks, drum and bass, dnb, dub, hip hop, knife party, miami, edm, ibiza, skrillex, USA, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: rock, pop, aggressive, action, modern, groove, mean, intense and powerful

Description: hip, modern, groove, synth lines, strings, sequence lines, building motion, cool pulse, loops

Description: This is saturated, bright, catchy, powerful, fashion, modern and stylish dubstep track with such elements as glitches and wobble. Perfect for advertising, exercise, sports videos, presentations, entertainment industries and more!

Description: A powerful down tempo Dance track with Dubstep elements. Driven by a strong melodic hook and beautiful ballad piano. Beams elegance, celebration, glamour and good taste. Featuring electronic instruments and a piano. Suitable for product demonstrations, stage artistic acts, commercials, podcast intros and theme music.