Description: Powerful, melodic and aggressive, uplifting electronic Logo in dubstep style with melodic leads, heartbeat sound and breakbeat drums. Perfectly useful for soundtrack, music for videos, background music, commercials or every day listening.

Description: Energetic dubstep track with modern wobble bassline, powerful beat, hi-tech sounds and elements of new modern style - trap. Best for introduction to films and games, for trailers and advertisements or any visual project.

Description: “Aggressive Dubstep” is a looped track or loop. Seamless. It’s very aggressive and terror sound. Like a gun. Real gun. Minigun! Urban feel. Terror like a bad guy. Tension like a rock. Scary like your fear. Powerful like a boxer. Industrial like it sounds. Heavy like a mountain. Hard like a sportsmen. Evil like a hell. It drive you crazy.

Description: Dubstep logo with wobble bass and glitch drums.

Description: Huge dubstep track, superb wobble bass with intricate cut ups and effects and great production values. I have added a large number of professional dubstep tracks with alternate edits so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: A powerful dubstep intro for your projects. Usable in your presentation or videos.

Description: Cinematic dubstep intro for hi-tech video beginings or introductions. Heavy, modern, intense and powerful.

Description: rock, pop, aggressive, action, modern, groove, mean, intense and powerful