Description: Very powerful Dubstep track with graceful classical strings, solid drum groove and edgy synths. An excellent mix of musical styles - hardcore modern and elegant classical!

Description: Synthetic and passionate, featuring dreamy ethereal female vocals, electronic synths and a powerful Dubstep groove, building strings section that create a huge emotional track

Description: Welcome to the red planet, welcome to mars! Futuristic and very energetic loop in the style of dubstep. Perfectly suitable for background music, video projects, websites, games, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, films and motion graphics. I hope you like it.

Description: Earthquake is coming! Energetic loop in the style of dubstep. I hope you like it.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Dubstep

Description: High Energy and aggressive Electro dubstep track with an exciting and punchy feel. Perfect choice for any Sports Videos, Energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial, club events and more.

Description: This is Bio Techno track. Perfect for any of your videos.

Description: Massive dubstep loop,for your energetic intro,logo or presentations with hard bass and powerful drums.

Description: Bright action with drums and skrilling basses. Grolling theme for fast interactive, destortion, massive impulse, explosions. Good for game actions, speed, drive etc.