Description: Crazy project in dubstep genre, with powerful drums, dynamic leads, electric piano, 8-bit sounds and huge distort wobble basses. Perfectly useful for soundtrack, music for videos, background music, commercials or every day listening.

Description: Mystical and melodic loop, include huge drums, ambient pad, and warm pluck. Perfectly useful how soundtrack or every day listening.

Description: Nice loop in dubstep or chillstep style, with warm pad and melodic pluck sounds.

Description: Powerful, melodic and aggressive electronic track in dubstep style with warm futuristics leads, heavy fat wobbles and crazy drums.

Description: A pumping and energizing dubstep track with dark energy, crazy beat and really fat basses! it is made with unusual bit and speed for dubstep(70 bpm, usually 140). Providing a cool and underground sounding soundtrack to your projects

Description: Hard and cool dubstep track, with drive drums, bright intro, deep atmosphere, and really sick wobble basses.

Description: Are you love coffee? I very much love! A pumping and energizing dubstep track with lovely main synth, warm lead sound, couple really fat filthy wobble basses and high pitch sounds. Also there is a mad bit and fine arrangement

Description: Massive and dark dubstep track, with fat wobble bass and bouncy drums.

Description: Nice track in dubstep style, very powerfully and groovy. Couple of fat basses and crazy beats with fx there.

Description: Cool and Drive dubstep project, include heavy basses, pitched sounds and crazy beats. Perfectly may use how soundtrack.