Description: Very dramatic and melodic instrumental Dubstep track. Driven by heavy piano chords and orchestral sounds.

Description: Mix of trance lead and dubstep bass.

Description: Hard dubstep bass and drops. Really hard sound for you.

Description: Really hard wobble bass and dubstep drums drops in new track for you!)

Description: Scary and aggressive instrumental Dubstep track driven by a crazy fluttering synth bass sound.

Description: Dubstep wobble bass and strings with huge snaredrum. Excellent for background music, web, video and presentations. Also ideal for commercials, fitness videos and motivational movies soundtracks. Finally, it's a great choice for your presentations, youtube video, promotional videos and marketing use.

Description: An atmospheric beginning with an ambient piano that turn to an Urban Dubstep with a lot of beat and bass. This version is a 1 minutes Edit for advertising and corporate use. You'll find a 30 secondes Edit of this song on Audiomicro.

Description: Mixing of trance and dubstep (brostep).

Description: You're pumped to go the jum and you've just had 3 scoops of pre-workout madness! This is for the youtube fitness/bodybuilding vlog that need that extra kick as an intro to their video. Your viewers will have their ears and central nervous system on edge and ready to listen to your words of wisdom. Technical specs: - loopable - 90 bpm - a little dark and serious synth in the background which lets your viewers know you know your stuff! - great intro!

Description: Monster dubstep loop with growling FX sounds and drum beat. Not too fast to take away all attention from what you are presenting, but enough to give it some energy and youthfulness and virility.

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