Description: Bright, trendy and catchy logo or ident in popular or commercial dubstep genre with dynamic break beat drums, layered and modulated saw basses, pitch rave and laser dub leads, progressive house style shiny plucks and cool sound effects. Perfectly will approach for soundtrack or background music to some advertising, action film trailer, sport games and training video. Also good for every day listening.

Description: hip, modern, groove, synth lines, strings, sequence lines, building motion, cool pulse, loops

Description: Widescreen and powerful orchestral dubstep. Dramatic, Exciting and cool, it features contemporary Dubstep instruments accompanied by two grand pianos and a full symphonic orchestra. Beginning with piano and incorporating super cool synths and big beats and drops along with the strings, this beautiful building track is full of energy and emotion.

Description: Heavy electronic drum and bass with a bubbling bed of dub bass, electronic percussion, synthesizer sound effects, modulation wobble, and blips. A funky futuristic beat that's accompanied by an ambient string pad and choir melody. 97 beats per minute.

Description: Strong and Powerful loop in dubstep style with crazy wobble and growth basses, wild pitch leads, laser plucks and huge breakbeat drums.

Description: Coolest loop in complex electro style (complextro - electro with a lot of bass music influence), with groovy beats, heavy electro buzz and dubstep wobble basses, atmospheric leads and strings, robotic, laser and retro game synthesizer one shots.

Description: Dubstep cool and driving logo with crazy beats, melodic lead, sinister wobble basses and creative transition and explosion effects. Can be used in logo reveal, video intro or transition, stinger, ident. Providing a cool and underground sounding soundtrack to your projects. Enjoy!

Description: Ident or logo in dubstep genre with melodic and atmospheric leads with fx intro and crazy sick drop after. Also i use a lot of my production sound effects in this projects (whoosh, swoosh, swish, down sweep, impacts and sub drop) all of them - you can find in my sound and effects collections. Enjoy!

Description: Intense dubstep track with 157 bpm. Typical dubstep wobble basslines, effects, tight drums and synths. Very rhythm based with a short bell theme in contrast at around 1:20. Very modern sound and versatile for a wide range of applications. Available as full, 60 and 30 second version.

Description: Skrillex, EDM, Festival, Bass, Growl, Drop The Bass, Party

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