Description: “Aggressive Dubstep” is a looped track or loop. Seamless. It’s very aggressive and terror sound. Like a gun. Real gun. Minigun! Urban feel. Terror like a bad guy. Tension like a rock. Scary like your fear. Powerful like a boxer. Industrial like it sounds. Heavy like a mountain. Hard like a sportsmen. Evil like a hell. It drive you crazy.

Description: Complextro dubstep dance track with remix elements

Description: An atmospheric beginning with an ambient piano that turn to an Urban Dubstep with a lot of beat and bass. This version is a 1 minutes Edit for advertising and corporate use. You'll find a 1 minutes Edit of this song on Audiomicro.

Description: Very dramatic and melodic instrumental Dubstep track. Driven by heavy piano chords and orchestral sounds.

Description: You're pumped to go the jum and you've just had 3 scoops of pre-workout madness! This is for the youtube fitness/bodybuilding vlog that need that extra kick as an intro to their video. Your viewers will have their ears and central nervous system on edge and ready to listen to your words of wisdom. Technical specs: - loopable - 90 bpm - a little dark and serious synth in the background which lets your viewers know you know your stuff! - great intro!

Description: Huge dubstep track, superb wobble bass with intricate cut ups and effects and great production values. I have added a large number of professional dubstep tracks with alternate edits so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: Earthquake is coming! Energetic loop in the style of dubstep. I hope you like it.

Description: A powerful track with a lot of distortion, electric bass and heavy guitars. Sounds very experimental. Perfect for openers, title sequences or intros.

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