Description: Upbeat dubstep track mixed with catchy electric guitar parts.

Description: Heavy dubstep tune with a synth driven intro and a wild drop.

Description: A classic dubstep tune with raging basses, synths, and wobbles.

Description: electro dubstep with wild synths and wobbles

Description: this is a melodic dubstep influenced track with electronic synths and wobble bass. great for intensifying the situation!

Description: A heavy modern dub step song with big synths and catchy melodic breaks

Description: A short electro pop intro and a glitched out melodic dubstep drop.

Description: High Energy dubstep track with cinematic string arrangements and a crazy glitched out drop!

Description: Intense dubstep track with an energetic intro, big drop and variation.

Description: A melodic dubstep tune with heavy synths and chopped vocal samples.