Description: A mysterious instrumental track in the genres of disco and house music, haunting and suspenseful in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with secrecy, tension, the sense of foreboding events and looming dangers.

Description: An upbeat piece of classic funky house disco with full vocals and radio ready production. Cool electric drums, synths and stabbing brass lines. The lyrics constantly reference 'having a good time' and other partying based themes. A great track to place underneath disco or partying visuals, or for where you need the music to tell a story or support the visuals. This track comes with lyrics and various alternate mixes and cuts.

Description: New disco, retro disco, future house, deep house, atmospheric, tech-house, EDM, glam, runway

Description: Driving, funky, happy dance beats. Upbeat & dynamic, taking you back to flares and platforms with the days of disco. Composed for 30sec radio and television commercials. Features wah-wah guitars, electric bass, strings and a driving steady beat. 30sec Commercial

Description: Funky disco loop, played by guitars, drums, saxophone and trumpet. Can fit for any usage.

Description: Short, expressive disco pattern. For short dynamic presentation or movie

Description: To get high when dancing, hypnotic groove

Description: Pompous, positive, melodic and uplifting loop in slow tempo (105 beat per minute) progressive house genre with strong nu disco drums, progressive layered bass line, shiny rhythmic leads and plucks, morphing guitar synthesizer, bright bleep sound and more. Perfectly will approach for soundtrack or background music to some advertising video, action film trailer, sport games. Also good for every day listening.

Description: Positive and energetic electro pop tune with a great feel of 80's.

Description: Ride the groovy disco train back to the 70s with this fun dance track. It has everything from slap bass and wah guitar to soaring strings to perfectly capture the stereotypical sound of the 1970s. This simple track is great for video games or that moment when someone walks into a movie or TV scene sporting bell bottoms, a tight t-shirt, and large sunglasses.