Description: Upbeat and energetic with melodic synthesizer, acoustic piano and wah wah guitar depict a vintage Disco scene.

Description: A seventies inspired track that will make you pine for the good old days. Complete with soaring strings, wah-wah guitar and retro synthesizer melodies.

Description: pop, motown feel, funky guitar, and clavinet, upbeat, smooth

Description: A laid back track featuring funky keyboards and guitar with a nice groove keeping everything moving along nicely.

Description: A laid back funk track with wah guitars, cool synthesizer melodies and a funky drum groove.

Description: A funky 70s track with great synth and guitar lines hightlighted by a funky disco drum groove and phat synth bass.

Description: A 70s inspired track with great clavinet parts, funky guitar, soaring strings and disco drums.

Description: A vintage disco track with great brass parts, wah-wah guitar, strings and clavinet.

Description: A fast and funky disco track with clavinet, wah-wah guitars, upbeat drums and percussion and soaring strings.

Description: A cool piece of retro funky soul music straight from the groovy dance floors of the 70s. Lyrics constantly refer to Fried Chicken, Tennesse recipes and southern fried food! The perfect piece of music for your Fried Chicken adverts and Southern Fried Chicken Ad campaigns and infomercials.