Description: Intelligent driving disco groove that pumps along featuring sold melodies, rocking bass, and gritty drum beats.

Description: A hard driving, thick and booming version of the classic Grieg melody, featuring a variety of quirky synthesizers and electronic drum grooves possibly for an introduction or theme for tv, film, advert or various programs.

Description: Super melodic and catchy dance track to get your body moving. Featuring a bollywood like sitar solo in the middle giving the music a global flavor. Works well in lively dance scenes with flashing lights and people dancing. Work out or beverage, clothing, products or restaurants, adventure parks

Description: A fun and bouncy house track with a cool melodic tune that flows easily from section to section. Reminds me of riding a large mechanical pony, features state of the art synths, electric bass, drum kits and machines. Great for voice overs, singing, theme song, backtracks, club airplay during DJ break

Description: A smooth, bouncy, and playful track with solid rhythmic breaks that journeys the listener through a soundscape of varying tonal sections climaxing in a exhilarating retro 1970's rocking jam. Besides dance use, good for tv, film, radio, internet, where cool full length thematic material is necessary.

Description: Upbeat and inspiring electro house dance type track with a pulsating beat, strong synths, solid bass lines, cool riffs and Brazilian timbale. Useful for game levels, flash animations, retro dance scenes, various media projects, video, or voice overs. The track could be put on repeat for seamless replays.

Description: Heavy groovy medium speed house track featuring a variety electronic hook melodies played on various synths under a potent house groove and a thick subby bass trance. Useful for those luxurious cosmopolitan background needs in all media projects for that fun and sophisticated metro relaxation time. Instrumental, Dance Music, Nu-Disco

Description: A pensive intro section featuring cello and piano leads into a happy upbeat dance groove with male vocals that has a classic disco retro feel. Great track for dance club scenes in film tv adverts or backing for voice overs for music that makes you want to get up and dance and have a good fun time

Description: A solid mid tempo retro cool thumping disco style lounge track featuring strong female vocals, screaming alto sax riffs, wah wah cry baby guitar runs, in the pocket drum beats, atmospheric synth pads, and a steady four heart beat bass. Useful sounds for Films, TV, Radio, adverts, Corporate and House

Description: A bright upbeat power pop dance track featuring an array of female voices, a funky slap bass riff which develops into a impact break. A romantic steamy dreamy sequence follows topped off with a trumpet solo. Fun party music for media projects in film, tv, radio, streaming, in store, in club, advert

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