Description: funky house with slap bassline & jangly guitars & string licks.

Description: fun, tongue in cheek, throwback disco track with wah guitar, strings and horns. perfect porn soundtrack!.

Description: Dance Pop Track, upbeat, lively, dynamic, powerful

Description: Uplifting and fun Pop/Dance track with catchy synths and driving beat. Happy and carefree.

Description: Upbeat Dance/Pop track with catchy synths and strongs drum beat. Energetic and uplifting.

Description: dance song melodic pop rock dreamy classic ballad.

Description: rock fast new wave futuristic melodic pop a dreamy moving classic dance instrumental track.

Description: 80's sounding disco theme with a 'billy jean' type bass line.

Description: old skool disco with flute, brass stabs, srings and moog synthesizer.