Description: A musical loop made from kitchens appliances

Description: This track has a house rhythm with cool tribal drums.

Description: Uptempo, Club Beat, Dance, Feel Good, Happy, House Music, background, track

Description: Happy lounge electro Funk House tune

Description: Something you'd hear from an old action TV show. In the vein of shows like Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, James Bond, Austin Powers, Ocean's Eleven.

Description: Extremely high Club mix and Electro music. Fast speed, progressive and heavy synthesized. Inspired by Daft Punk and Example.

Description: Super melodic and catchy dance track to get your body moving. Featuring a bollywood like sitar solo in the middle giving the music a global flavor. Works well in lively dance scenes with flashing lights and people dancing. Work out or beverage, clothing, products or restaurants, adventure parks

Description: A fun and bouncy house track with a cool melodic tune that flows easily from section to section. Reminds me of riding a large mechanical pony, features state of the art synths, electric bass, drum kits and machines. Great for voice overs, singing, theme song, backtracks, club airplay during DJ break

Description: A dance/house/disco song ideal for backgrounds. It has a powerful groove, synths and wha-wha guitar

Description: A smooth, bouncy, and playful track with solid rhythmic breaks that journeys the listener through a soundscape of varying tonal sections climaxing in a exhilarating retro 1970's rocking jam. Besides dance use, good for tv, film, radio, internet, where cool full length thematic material is necessary.