Description: Fun dance tune. She is written in stiletto disco,techno positive tune for your business-project, video, and etc. This music can bring the positive feeling, charge to energy and happiness, optimistic mood.

Description: A sixties and seventies rock trio with heavy guitars reminiscent of Hendrix.

Description: India electrohouse track from MJ Mark

Description: Can we say cool? This track has all the vibe you'll need. Funky bass and drum loops, guitars, organ, brass and groovy fun.

Description: Bouncy and bright, featuring gritty electronic textures and pulsing rhythms that create a confident and uplifting mood.

Description: A seventies style track with funky guitar and drums. A very cool vibe!.

Description: Night electrohouse track from MJ Mark

Description: FEMALE VOCAL uptempo R&B/Dance song about a woman's confusion about whether her man loves her or not, as his behavior is constantly contradictory. Driving rhythms, searing guitar solo from Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), and lush mixed backing vocals. Fits film/TV relationship stories for all age groups, dance clubs... Instrumental, Dance Music, Dance-Pop

Description: Super melodic and catchy dance track to get your body moving. Featuring a bollywood like sitar solo in the middle giving the music a global flavor. Works well in lively dance scenes with flashing lights and people dancing. Work out or beverage, clothing, products or restaurants, adventure parks

Description: Uptempo Disco/Jazz/Funk with hot electric guitar solos over a pulsating rhythm section. Great for promotions needing upbeat underscoring like TV/movie themes, sports events, party/dance clubs, beer/beverage ads, fashion & accessories, shoes, teen products, car ads, travel, vacation, & hotels