Description: Music of loneliness in rhythmic electronic style

Description: A very retro seventies track with funky drums, wah-wah guitars, brass shots and soaring string lines. Tres chic.

Description: Funky Disco Dance Male Vocals Horn String Melodies

Description: Electronic background music about female love

Description: Fun dance tune. She is written in stiletto disco,techno positive tune for your business-project, video, and etc. This music can bring the positive feeling, charge to energy and happiness, optimistic mood.

Description: A sixties and seventies rock trio with heavy guitars reminiscent of Hendrix.

Description: India electrohouse track from MJ Mark

Description: Can we say cool? This track has all the vibe you'll need. Funky bass and drum loops, guitars, organ, brass and groovy fun.

Description: Bouncy and bright, featuring gritty electronic textures and pulsing rhythms that create a confident and uplifting mood.