Description: An uplifting drum and percussion beat with various synthesizer and bass lines – happy, positive and cheerful.

Description: Bright, energetic and pumped full of 70's disco heaven. This uplifting and fun track takes you back to the flares and mirror balls of the disco era. Great retro fun, specially written for commercials, it's upbeat, easy to voice-over, with only string punctuations. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Happy, uplifting and lively music piece with disco beat and synthesizers - motivating, inspiring and optimistic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials, movie trailers and business presentations.

Description: Extremely high Club mix and Electro music. Fast speed, progressive and heavy synthesized. Inspired by Daft Punk and Example.

Description: A musical loop made from kitchens appliances

Description: Positive music loop with funky bassline and live guitars..

Description: Funky Techno style of music with rhythm. Can be good for dancing.

Description: Welcome to the disco. The classical dance sound enriched by distorted guitars. Great for scenes in which there are some women and motorcycles.

Description: an electronic disco track about the imaginary republic of zeon.

Description: dance song melodic pop rock dreamy classic ballad.