Description: A 70s inspired track with a great disco beat! It has wah, wah guitars, string lines and a whole lot of fun.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Disco

Description: It is a calm and melodic track with positive and soulful emotional feel, featuring electric funky guitars, warm and groovy piano synths, other stylish percussion and groove elements. Composition combines elements of house, funk, disco, lounge and creates romantic and hopeful mood. Perfect for a fashion projects, stylish videos, modern slideshows and openers, commercials, a show of luxury living, the club nightlife. It is a great background for ads, promotional, presentation, relaxation videos, web, TV, and any your projects.

Description: A seventies inspired track that will make you pine for the good old days. Complete with soaring strings, wah-wah guitar and retro synthesizer melodies.

Description: An awesome R and B track with cool guitars, electric piano and a funky groove.

Description: A funky 70s track with great synth and guitar lines hightlighted by a funky disco drum groove and phat synth bass.

Description: A 70s inspired track with great clavinet parts, funky guitar, soaring strings and disco drums.

Description: An upbeat disco track with great string lines and electronic percussion.

Description: A funky track with a retro feel to it. Guitars and clav are up front in this groovy piece.

Description: Funky, groovy, retro sound, modern, drums and synthesizers. Good for pace and energy. Clavinet, brass horns

Description: A sprightly solo theme in the genre of disco played with an electric clavinet to provide a cheerful background for diverse multimedia projects, corporate video presentations, and TV shows with a touch of eccentric vintage humor; reminiscent of Motown; facilitates funky energetic intros, rests, pauses, and transitions between primary visual events.