Description: An awesome R and B track with cool guitars, electric piano and a funky groove.

Description: The musical composition in the style of trance. Ideal for background music to your video and television

Description: A very funky track that will get you moving in your seat. It has great brass, funky guitars, sly drums and hits with organ and wurlitzer keyboard.

Description: A laid back track featuring funky keyboards and guitar with a nice groove keeping everything moving along nicely.

Description: This is an electronic song with female vocals and catchy melodies succulent.

Description: Melodic fast music about happiness and love

Description: A pumping disco track with a funky bassline and abstract melodic stabs. Progressive and builds from the ground up.

Description: A laid back funk track with wah guitars, cool synthesizer melodies and a funky drum groove.

Description: Funky & cheerful with a disco dance beat & 70's feel

Description: Persistent energetic track . make you keep in suspense