Description: Dancefloor music based on groovy acoustic drum and solid bass line. 8 bit sound synths and sexy percussions play the old-style dance party in a spacecraft!

Description: Disco, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Groovy, Funky, Electronic, Spacey, Active, Bright, Brilliant, Punchy, in a Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Bass, Guitar, Electric, Drums, Electronic, Organ, Triangle, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Groovy drum and electric bass line. Clubby sound, rhythmic and dynamic. Enriched by elctric guitars and rhodes.

Description: A non traditional wild, fast paced, comedic Klezmer inspired dance track with elements of pop, rock, disco and Hebrew music. Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: This track has a house rhythm with cool tribal drums.

Description: A hard driving, thick and booming version of the classic Grieg melody, featuring a variety of quirky synthesizers and electronic drum grooves possibly for an introduction or theme for tv, film, advert or various programs.

Description: Pensive pulsating ,vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law, forensic or science investigation / technology / internet Energetic, suspenseful drama / documentary type underscore/.proud. Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. Mysterious and full of wonder and tension , this track is perfect for a drama / thriller. A moment of searching and careful discovery. Searching and informative , this contemporary track is great for showing light discovery and wonder.

Description: This is party rock uplifting track. Good for any club commercials or short slide show.

Description: Dance, Disco, Light, Saturday Night Fever, Club, Cheesy, Porn, Boogie Nights, Lively, Party, Merry, Entertaining, Retro, Good Times

Description: Dance, Disco, Light, Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever, Club, Cheesy, Porn, Boogie Nights, Lively, Good Times, Retro, Merry