Description: Retro '70's vibe, disco attitudes

Description: A funky 70s track with great synth and guitar lines hightlighted by a funky disco drum groove and phat synth bass.

Description: A 70s inspired track with great clavinet parts, funky guitar, soaring strings and disco drums.

Description: A vintage disco track with great brass parts, wah-wah guitar, strings and clavinet.

Description: A fast and funky disco track with clavinet, wah-wah guitars, upbeat drums and percussion and soaring strings.

Description: An upbeat disco track with great string lines and electronic percussion.

Description: A funky track with a retro feel to it. Guitars and clav are up front in this groovy piece.

Description: A very retro 70s track with funky drums, wah wah guitars, brass shots and soaring string lines. Tres chic.