Description: Easy going fingerpicked solo acoustic guitar.

Description: Quirky instrumental country & western rock n' roll.

Description: Novelty, Carnival Music, Calliope, Funny, Light, Quirky, Weird, Underscore, Eclectic, Wacky, Funny, Insane, Strange, Eccentric, Stupid, Silly, Circus, Festive, Traditional

Description: Folk, Country, Country-Traditional, Americana, Americana-Country, Comedy, Light, Campy, Fun, in a Fun, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Whistle, Guitar, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Peaceful, reflective Folk/Country track with laid-back southern feel.

Description: Novelty, Carnival Music, Calliope, Happy, Dreamy, Playful, Underscore, Traditional, Standard, Ambient, Unique, Festive, Silly, Circus, Eclectic

Description: Joyful. Acoustic nice day feel good acoustic guitar sliding guitar country western banjo summer easy americana.

Description: Old time-y, midtempo hand clapping, finger popping country blues number.

Description: American Deep South foot tapping theme that just keeps rolling along. Featues banjo, fiddle and acoustic guitar. Full mix, underscore and 30 sec versions

Description: Old time country twang with a smoky honky tonk feel. Features an electric guitar and harmonica melody. Would work well with any scene with a southern or mountain theme. Great for reality TV, games, documentaries, commercial advertisements, film soundtracks, television underscores and internet usages.

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