Description: Upbeat Country rodeo track with comical feel. Upbeat drum/bass groove and twangy guitars. Put your riding boots on!

Description: Driving Southern Rock track with Country/Blues guitars, solid drum/bass groove and piano.

Description: Upbeat, uplifting modern Country song with driving full band and male vocals.

Description: Uplifting, emotional Country Pop track with full band and male vocals.

Description: Lively Country Rock track with classic southern feel.

Description: Quirky Country/Folk tune with acoustic guitar, percussion and whistling. Great for commercial advertising or comedy scene.

Description: Happy-go-lucky Country tune with Hillbilly Barn Dance party feel. Very comical, energetic Southern arrangement. Sure to get ya feet tapping - Yee Hahhhh!!

Description: Emotional Country/Blues track with full band arrangement. Great for warm background music.

Description: Traditional upbeat Country track.

Description: Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!

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