Description: Soulful ballad with solo guitar, synthesizer, played by band with drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, suitable for quiet and relaxed scenes as well as romantic scenes, documentaries

Description: A very cool acoustic guitar featured pop track with a hip drum groove and support from organ and flutes.

Description: very firendly and interesting modern arrangement; instrumental version, delicate slow rhythm, and flute, choir sampled sounds, a background music.

Description: A slow moving folk track with pretty acoustic guitar parts.

Description: A happy and light country track with great guitar melodies and a driving groove.

Description: Two acoustic guitars, instrumental piece in classical style. Lyrical and romantic mood. One morning in winter forest.

Description: Uplifting, emotional Country Pop track with full band and male vocals.

Description: A pretty and traditional country track with a friendly feel featuring mandolin, acoustic guitar and fiddle.

Description: A slow moving and southern country track with acoustic guitar strumming, electric guitar, fiddle lines and brushes.

Description: A happy track featuring acoustic guitar picking and strumming with a nice drum groove that helps with pace.