Description: Singin in My Car is a fun catchy country song with fun guitar riffs.

Description: A ballad type country pop song with a strong chorus.

Description: Mystery is a country pop song that resembles blues guitar elements and some 60's type drumming.

Description: Drink To Remember is a pop country rock song that isn't your typical country, but it has some cool use of slide and synths.

Description: Dreams is a country ballad that resembles rascal flatts music which includes lush piano, big guitars and solid drums.

Description: Corroding is a pop country song that is a bit dark but upbeat.

Description: Bulletproof is power country song with heavy influence on banjo with a Michael Jackson type twist of an ending.

Description: A quiet and hot day in a deserted road, by car ...

Description: This acoustic pop rock track is suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, business presentations, nature, travel, educational and more.

Description: Corporate track, suitable for any kind of media productions – Advertisements, TV, Film productions and more. Suitable for any kind of media productions – Advertisements, Backgrounds, Corporate presentations, YouTube videos, Tutorials, Slideshows, Openers, Business videos, Montage, Science and Technology, Real Estate, Startup Videos, App promos, Explainers Lifestyle and travel, Medical and Health and more…