Description: cool country song produced by L.A

Description: brand new.. bittersweet song. lyrics by Tim Earle, Male Vocals, Country, Country Ballads

Description: This is a beautiful country ballad that tells the story of a man who chooses a musicians life on the road and forsakes a steady, settled existence even if it costs him his love. A perfect credit roll song or as a play over for a sequence in a road movie/Tv show- lyric by Tim Earle- vocals by Sverrir, Male Vocals, Country, Alt Country

Description: ery new country popsong- by Torfi Olafsson (music) and Tim Earle (lyric) - vocals produced by studiopros. com -in LA --- a power ballad about unconditional love! Female Vocals, Country, Country Ballads

Description: upbeat country instrumental summerfun

Description: cool country up beat song

Description: The theme of this modern country influenced song, is that of a father telling his young son that although the boy may have a barrel full of questions about life, if he works hard and lives decently, it will all work out but when push comes to shove, there's no point in just sitting around wondering, Male Vocals, Country, Country Rock

Description: country instrumental up beat song