Description: Upbeat Country Blues Rock track with twangy guitars, bass and drums.

Description: Upbeat, carefree Country track with guitars, bass and drums. Builds throughout with happy energetic feel.

Description: Upbeat, positive Country track with twangy guitars, bass and drums. Great for down-south bar scene.

Description: Emotional Country ballad with acoustic/electric guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Upbeat Country rodeo track with comical feel. Upbeat drum/bass groove and twangy guitars. Put your riding boots on!

Description: Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!

Description: slow country song with strings as melodic instrument

Description: Country song with violin as solo instrument. D Major.

Description: pop country song. many guitars. G Major

Description: country, boogie. guitars.G Major. loop-ready