Description: melodic country feel tune, banjo, guitar, banjo

Description: A poppy country loop featuring acoustic guitars, drum samples, and more

Description: This song is a happy bluegrass tune, with some fun acoustic string picking. Featured instruments include banjo, upright bass, mandolin, and acoustic guitar.

Description: Happy and uplifting fast track, almost comic, with banjo, accordion, doublebass and claps. Great for trips and documentaries, even comedy shows. Loopable in 118 bpm.

Description: Fast and fun bluegrass music with violins and banjo. Perfect for that trip to the southern states, or a great soundtrack for that comedy video. The track is also loopable, (116 bpm) just copy, paste and fade out.

Description: Happy loop, with a village/ wild west atmosphere. Played by - banjo, flute, violin and more ..

Description: Accoustic guitar and coconuts lead. Then part way through as the theme builds, they are accompanied by piano strings. Inspired for a movie scene where a family sits out on their deck during a sunset, chilling and strumming a guitar.

Description: Positive and optimistic uplifting track in a good mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitars. It would be nice for slide show, advertising or positive video.

Description: A Brad Paisley inspired country instrumental loop featuring that "Tele Twang".

Description: A down home country blues song featuring acoustic banjo, guitar, upright bass and piano, along with light bell accents. A more serious and somber tone, reflecting hard working or harder times. Key of D (mixolydian). This is a loop of the 2nd section of the song. Full song/loop is also available.