Description: Short instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar with steel strings and percussion. Suitable for podcasts, tv shows, long intros and more.

Description: Comercial pop country inspirational track with mandolin, slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars and strings. You will find the best use for commercials, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, featurettes, photography, TV and radio media production. Suitable for all kinds of video. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.

Description: Laid back gentle peaceful country instrumental.Ideal western background.

Description: Raunchy Country Rock track with real southern bluesy feel. Edgy electric guitars and groovy beat, this dynamic track has a great authentic sound. Perfect for videos, films, advertising.

Description: Quirky line-dance Country track with catchy southern guitar, cheerful beat and vocals. Joyful, uplifting and fun! Great for comedy use.

Description: Fun Hip Hop track combined with a humorous southern line-dance feel. Groovy beat with twangy electric guitars and vocal samples. Great for comedy, cartoon, funny youtube videos!

Description: Comical, southern “Hillbilly” track with very catchy guitar and lively drum/bass groove. Humorous, light-hearted feel, yet capturing the authentic sound of America’s deep south. Great for funny, light-hearted music for videos, commercials, tv shows.

Description: Happy, carefree Country track with comical, yet authentic southern Hillbilly feel. Definitely a track that makes you want to "grab your partner" and have a great time! Perfect for fun, light-hearted music for commercials, videos, tv shows.

Description: Mild inspirational adventure with guirats, banjo, electro riffs and rock drums. Light and lovely track for good video and listening. Enjoy!

Description: Happy and care-free acoustic ragtime track featuring banjo, acoustic guitar and bass. Upbeat and cheerful with a swinging rhythm, this is perfect background music for advertising, commercials, videos for kids and children, comedy and more.