Description: Good old country pedal steel guitar lead with catchy country melody and a 2/4 country beat you can tap your toe to.

Description: A modern country instrumental loop featuring that "Tele Twang".

Description: Modern country instrumental featuring twangy electric guitar. Great for anything needing an interesting up to date country sound.

Description: Theme instrumental featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitar, synths, and bass. Possible uses can range from reflection scenes, prepation pieces, etc.

Description: Theme loop with a country feel featuring acoustic guitars, slap bass, strings, and harmonica. Possible uses can range from road side scenes, time lapses, reflection pieces, etc.

Description: Laidback country-influenced arrangement of guitars, piano, bass and drums with a jazz-inspired chorus in a 104 second loop.

Description: Light and breezy, featuring a bouncy pizzicato, sparkly bells and ukulele that creates a carefree and cheerful mood. For use where a positive and cute atmosphere is needed.

Description: Funny and rhythmic, featuring feel-good bouncy guitar comping and euphoric stick drums that create a light, festive and carefree mood.

Description: A high energy country sort of track. It might be appropriate for a high speed chase, NASCAR or maybe some sort of slap stick comedy thing.

Description: a quirky loop with a slight country feel--maybe more americana than country