Description: With all the craziness in the world these days, who couldn't use another hug? All about appreciation for the loved ones in our lives. Poignant male vocal about memories, missing his family, longing to pass on the words of love and support for his wife and kids. Hopeful, nostalgic, tender, touching.

Description: A play on the physical and emotional conditions of the heart. Sweet, soulful female vocals The "yearning" condition when someone you love very much is far away and the "fullness" you feel when they are close to you. Woman in love is missing her man, beautifully upbeat and hopeful.

Description: Katherine Jackson will love this tribute song. She used to sing country music to Michael when he was a little boy. Songwriters Dan Robinson and Benn Cutarelli have cleverly integrated eleven of Michael Jackson's hit song titles into the lyric. A positive and fun way to salute the “King of Pop"