Description: This song is an instrumental folk/bluegrass tune. The mood is cheerful and inspirational. It will work for many purposes, including jingles, film, television, and more.

Description: A slow moving folk track with beautiful acoustic guitars.

Description: action, drama, acoustic and slide guitars, southern feel, blues, relaxed vibe, driving groove

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Contemporary, Western, Bouncy, Campy, Positive, Quirky, Western, Feel Good, Happy, in a Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: This country underscore is perfect for a video, TV production or advertisement. It features a playful banjo piece. It is creates an atmosphere that is Up-beat, Funky, and Strong. You can just visualize your main character strutting across the stage with bold confidence.

Description: Instrumental country ballad with acoustic guitar and strings. Beautiful love song, romantic feel.

Description: Fast and fun bluegrass music with violins and banjo. Perfect for that trip to the southern states, or a great soundtrack for that comedy video. The track is also loopable, (116 bpm) just copy, paste and fade out.

Description: Texturally satisfying groove. Playful, inspiring, delicate, melodic, well-balanced and brilliantly produced. Mechanical funky. Irresistible deep influenced beats. Long key stabs and hole punching break. A strong rhythm with harmonic disposition. Modern country.