Description: Slow paced, lazy meandering theme. Back porches, fishin’ holes, and overalls.

Description: Gentle ballad with piano and acoustic guitar-Full

Description: upbeat country guitar picking instrumental. it's a two step rhythm with lead guitar work in the style of albert lee.

Description: This song is an uplifting Americana-style tune, that features acoustic guitar, banjo, and upright bass. Several cuts of different duration are available to choose from, making this song a great choice for a variety of creative projects.

Description: Country, Rock, and Inspiration apply, this song has many personalities. The transitional changes make it diverse and fun. The fast guitar licks, the energetic mandolin and dobro injections with pumping drum beats make it energetic and uplifting. The audience will be motivated and engaged in your cause.

Description: New type of product of music song: country-relaxing. This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a spot video or something else, the cool and soft sound of a classical vibes , a country romantic song. Are used: vibes , harp, drums, bass

Description: Tender reminiscing romantic warm 116 bpm-Full

Description: Comedic over the top polka with an eastern European flavor. Exciting goofy and simply silly and fun. Comedy / Farm / Cartoon / Jewish Quirky and funny spoof on country music. Driving down a dirt road on a beat up 1959 Chevy truck. Cool, driving, super energetic and super positive track, Catchy, rhythmic, active and very uplifting. Ideal choice for commercial, advertising project, TV show, web etc.

Description: Happy and playful track with acoustic guitars, ukulele, whistle, vibraphone, glockenspiel, piano,bass, drums and percussions. Perfectly suited for children’s parties & for various media projects.