Description: Acoustic guitar and ukulele lead the way in this song like cue.

Description: This earthy music bed is a medium tempo, easy listening relaxed folk music duo. It has a timeless sound with no featured no solo instrument. Instrumentation consists of electric finger picked guitar and acoustic bass with no solo instrument It's a medium tempo at 90 bpm track in the key of E minor, and the structure of the arrangement is 8 bar intro with a 32 bar chorus starting bar 9 ending at bar 40 which repeats 2 times. The acoustic background music in a neutral mood, is best for projects requiring music composed with low energy. Thank you for listening and purchasing.

Description: Exhilarating, exciting and fun country rock pop track.

Description: A fun and upbeat bluegrass melody led by a solo violin accompanied by banjo, acoustic guitar, soap box bass and washboard.

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