Description: Clean backing track based on 12-bar blues with a country vibe and straight drumming.

Description: Clean country track based on 12-bar blues about a character named "Bertie" and all her shenanigans. Has a great sing-a-long type of chorus. Influenced by John Prine.

Description: Swinging country-folk track about drinking, sex, and reckless abandon features simple changes, stops, and a tight rhythm section. Guitar, drums, bass, piano, and mandolin fill out the mix.

Description: Uptempo country number with overdriven guitars and a driving train drumbeat. Brass highlights the chorus and outro melodies.

Description: Clean electric guitars and straight playing anchor this upbeat, solid rhythm track.

Description: Country piece that is driven by acoustic guitar and a down home feel. Mandolin-like leads highlight the chorus. Tight starts and stops, a swinging rhythm section, and authentic traditional country feel could make this the perfect track for your project.

Description: Steady thump and high rhythm guitar move this track steadily along. Colored by a slight country vibe.