Description: Inspiring modern Country ballad with full band arrangements. Uplifting, loving, carefree and slightly melancholic atmosphere.

Description: Happy-go-lucky Country tune with Hillbilly Barn Dance party feel. Very comical, energetic Southern arrangement. Sure to get ya feet tapping - Yee Hahhhh!!

Description: A country blues piece with a lot of attitude...

Description: Emotional Country ballad with acoustic/electric guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Upbeat traditional Country track.

Description: Further extension of ww700196, country.

Description: As instrumental music this track has a up tempo country beat with melodic acoustic guitars. It is very joyful.

Description: This is the instrumental to the song that is about: The magic feeling inside that you get when you hear the innocent laughter of children. Beautiful, nostalgic female vocals, tinged with melancholy for her youth and the earlier years. Lyrics bring a smile and feelings that all is right with the world. Upbeat, hopeful, filled with love and laughter.

Description: A small musical sketch in country style. Energetic and filled with musical instruments for this style of music, which can be used as a background in any media projects. Thank you for your attention to the track!

Description: Rise your spirits with this inspirational folk \ country track. Great for TV, Radio, Movies, Youtube,presentation,intros