Description: Emotional Country ballad with acoustic/electric guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Upbeat traditional Country track.

Description: Further extension of ww700196, country.

Description: As instrumental music this track has a up tempo country beat with melodic acoustic guitars. It is very joyful.

Description: This is the instrumental to the song that is about: The magic feeling inside that you get when you hear the innocent laughter of children. Beautiful, nostalgic female vocals, tinged with melancholy for her youth and the earlier years. Lyrics bring a smile and feelings that all is right with the world. Upbeat, hopeful, filled with love and laughter.

Description: Background atmospheric music in soft country style with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Suitable for all kinds of inspirational video.

Description: Just plain 'ol boot tappin' country, bright and satisfied. Features breezy picking and strumming acoustic guitar and drum kit with positive, feel-good pace. Great for outdoors and friendly gatherings.

Description: This one is an inspiring and positive track with guitar harmonics and piano intro, acoustic guitars, grand piano, soft orchestral strings, acoustic solo guitar, bells, celesta and soft drums. Perfect for film or television in emotional climaxes and transitional moments, advertising, motivational presentations, inspiring videos, team building exercises, speaker introductions etc. 107BPM, D key. Thank you.

Description: The New Road is a positive track in country style. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, percussion and harmonica.

Description: Laidback country-influenced arrangement of guitars, piano, bass and drums with a jazz-inspired chorus. Suggested to underscore scenes of relaxation, leisure and downtime.