Description: Instrumental country ballad with acoustic guitar and strings. Beautiful love song, romantic feel.

Description: Emotional Country/Blues track with full band arrangement. Great for warm background music.

Description: Emotional Country love song with male vocals and full band.

Description: Nostalgic small town country rock tune with "Oh-oh" hook.

Description: Lightly driving with a pulsing electric piano introduction with modern electronic elements make this track a hybrid of country and electronic pop.

Description: Emotional, romantic Country song with male vocals and full band arrangement.

Description: With all the craziness in the world these days, who couldn't use another hug? All about appreciation for the loved ones in our lives. Poignant male vocal about memories, missing his family, longing to pass on the words of love and support for his wife and kids. Hopeful, nostalgic, tender, touching.

Description: southern rock rhythm and blues.

Description: Emotional Country/Folk ballad with male vocals and subtle musical arrangements. Sad and melancholic atmosphere.

Description: A ballad type country pop song with a strong chorus.