Description: country ballad, slow, sad, romantic. G Major. 6/8

Description: If you want to cheer up yourself and your family, this song would be the best gift in this situation! Merry, mischievous and cheerful - it will fill you with energy and good humor and fill you up new ideas! You make me stronger- I'm lonely no longer. You make me stronger- why's the night so bright? You make me stronger- I'll love you more each day. You make me stronger- I won't go away.

Description: A smooth loop plays as a warm organic acoustic guitar picks an infectious melody over a wah wah electric guitar.

Description: Male Vocal. Country story song with a lot of emotion and feelings providing clarity and power of the story telling on domestic abuse/violence in a family, and the tragedy that could happen. Touching, emotional, cinematic, sad and tragic. Creating emotions within the listener. Electric guitar, pedal steel, and drums.

Description: instrumental ballad, electric guitar, pedal steel, & drums. Track is emotive and has tension. Semi-dark.

Description: Light emotional piano creates a beautiful bed for the strings as the song slowly builds to a uplifting positive climax.

Description: southern rock rhythm and blues.

Description: Catchy pop country track with whistle, guitars and cool melody.

Description: Country melody played acoustic guitars to the accompaniment of bass, drums, percussion and claps.