Description: Bluegrass fiddles and banjos warming up.

Description: Specialty, Blue Grass, Documentary, Drama, Panoramic, Adventure, Nature, Regional, Western, Traveling, Carefree, Feel Good, Fun, Capricious, Cheery, Light, Charming, Confident, Domestic, Ethnic, Floating, Flowing, Quaint, Positive, Honky Tonk, in a Adventurous, Reflective, Positive, Happy mood, featuring Banjo, Orchestra, with a Varied tempo

Description: country fiddle, saloon piano, acoustic guitar, happy hillbilly.

Description: upbeat country guitar picking instrumental, with lead guitar work in the style of albert lee. this 30 second version, for commercial cuts.

Description: Quirky Country/Folk tune with acoustic guitar, percussion and whistling. Great for commercial advertising or comedy scene.

Description: Horse race, fast paced country with banjo,

Description: Upbeat, quirky Country track with comical Hillbilly Bluegrass feel.

Description: Happy, carefree Country track with comical, yet authentic southern Hillbilly feel. Definitely a track that makes you want to "grab your partner" and have a great time! Perfect for fun, light-hearted music for commercials, videos, tv shows.

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