Description: Easy going, cheerful and happy country music track. It features lively banjo and django lines, goofy percussion, sunny ukulele beats and other funny musical elements. This track fits great as a comedy or cartoon backdrop. This piece is ideal as a background for small computer game and can be easily looped! Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Fast short happy uplifting banjo solo.Ideal happy add.Western cues cowboy.

Description: Foot stomping Bluegrass features Double Bass, Strumming Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle and Banjo. Commercial Advertising, Film and Television chase scene, Fishing and Hunting television special, Outdoors Men Smoky Mountain Festivals.

Description: Modern bluegrass country with banjo violin and guitars. Cowboy movie atmosphere and American prairies and car racing

Description: A fun, happy, upbeat country swing track featuring a melancholy fiddle tune, bouncy piano, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, upright bass and light brush working drums. This lively song is perfect for folky bluegrass oriented programming, underscoring video, tv or film, product ads,

Description: An upbeat track with a jazzy chord progression, a groovy walking bass line, cool synth leads, and funky guitar. The Funky Strut has it all. Perfect for any game, video, or other kind of project that could use a boost of funkiness to it with a melody that will be stuck in your head for days!

Description: Country Twang is a short, punchy country/bluegrass tune originally written as a 30 second radio ad. The song features acoustic guitar, banjo, kick drum and bass as the backing band and a combination of acoustic slide guitar and harmonica playing the main melody. Room for vocals and voiceovers make this song perfect as a radio ad for anything from a local grocery to a gardening supply shop.

Description: This song starts with some acoustic fingerpicking guitar and is soon joined by a 60's style vibrato electric guitar. The band is complete when the Bass and Banjo begin playing, and the lead is then taken up by the Harmonica solo. This is a song meant to make you think of nature, traveling through the wilderness, and escaping the big city. Whether it's for a sync project or a slideshow that needs a down to earth feel, Bluegrass Jive will enhance any project you have that needs some cheering up.

Description: Happy, bouncy and joyful ditty, folk, Bluegrass, Americana, harmonica,

Description: Happy, bouncy and joyful ditty, folk, Bluegrass, Americana, harmonica,