Description: Horse race, fast paced country with banjo,

Description: Here's some good old foot stomping music in a happy, upbeat, country track. Folksy with a bluegrass feel, this song has a picked acoustic guitar lead along with a piano lead over some fun major chords. Perfect for a light hearted video presentation.

Description: Acoustic bluegrass with guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin. A touch of Jazzy swing and tempo changes add texture.

Description: An upbeat and happy country track featuring pickin' guitars, piano, fiddle and a driving groove.

Description: A slow moving folk track with pretty acoustic guitar parts.

Description: A fast moving folk track with amazing picking acoustic guitars.

Description: Upbeat, quirky Country track with comical Hillbilly Bluegrass feel.

Description: Upbeat Country track with Hillbilly feel. Comical, quirky atmosphere.

Description: Up-tempo Bluegrass / Hillbilly Traditional American Country tune. Instruments include fast picked 5-string banjo, fast swing rhythm acoustic guitar and bass. Fast, playful and silly. Funny comedy vibes. Great for families, kids & children.

Description: Happy and care-free acoustic ragtime track featuring banjo, acoustic guitar and bass. Upbeat and cheerful with a swinging rhythm, this is perfect background music for advertising, commercials, videos for kids and children, comedy and more.