Description: This is a very happy lively traditional banjo instrumental.Ideal for Showboat,Theater,Bluegrass,Hoedown, western or Carnival cues.

Description: This song is an instrumental folk/bluegrass tune. The mood is cheerful and inspirational. It will work for many purposes, including jingles, film, television, and more.

Description: Fast and fun bluegrass music with violins and banjo. Perfect for that trip to the southern states, or a great soundtrack for that comedy video. The track is also loopable, (116 bpm) just copy, paste and fade out.

Description: Bluegrass fiddles and banjos warming up.

Description: Here's some good old foot stomping music in a happy, upbeat, country track. Folksy with a bluegrass feel, this song has a picked acoustic guitar lead along with a piano lead over some fun major chords. Perfect for a light hearted video presentation.

Description: Upbeat Country track with Hillbilly feel. Comical, quirky atmosphere.

Description: Comical, quirky track with a happy-go-lucky Country Twist. Great for comedy or children's use.

Description: Laid-back, deep South Blues track with authentic sound

Description: Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!

Description: Comical, southern “Hillbilly” track with very catchy guitar and lively drum/bass groove. Humorous, light-hearted feel, yet capturing the authentic sound of America’s deep south. Great for funny, light-hearted music for videos, commercials, tv shows.