Description: A down home folk track with friendly acoustic guitars. A nice pace with medium energy.

Description: A nice solo acoustic folk track highlighted by great picking.

Description: This song is a happy bluegrass tune, with some fun acoustic string picking. Featured instruments include banjo, upright bass, mandolin, and acoustic guitar.

Description: Fast short happy uplifting banjo solo.Ideal happy add.Western cues cowboy.

Description: A fun and upbeat bluegrass melody led by a solo violin accompanied by banjo, acoustic guitar, soap box bass and washboard.

Description: A pretty country track with a liad back groove under acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin and piano.

Description: A country groove (loop avaiable) with drum, bass and Banjo. The first part is only rhythmics. The second part is more melodic. Thank you for your purchase :)

Description: A serious and a little dark sounding country track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, fiddle and dobro.

Description: Fun Pickin Country and Western, Bluegrass, Hillbilly, Electric Guitar, Traditional, Out West, Down South,

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